Joseph H. Pilates invented the Pilates method of physical fitness. He was born in Germany and was a sickly child; he dedicated his life to improving his physical strength.  He came to believe that the "modern" lifestyle, bad posture, and inefficient breathing lay at the roots of poor health. Joseph Pilates moved to America at age 40, upon arriving in New York City he took over a boxing gym in the same building as several dance studios and rehearsal spaces. It was this proximity that made his method such an intrinsic part of the life, rehab and training of many dancers: they were sent to J. Pilates to be "fixed". Joseph Pilates did not create this method specifically for dancers. However, if you want to move with the grace and style of a dancer, and sport the strong sculpted muscles and flexibility of a dancer, Pilates may be the perfect workout for you! Both Pilates and dance stress excellence of movement. In both disciplines, there is an emphasis on the purity of the form of the execution of each and every movement. Therefore, when you choose to do Pilates, the goal is not only about how much resistance you can push around (strength), or how many repetitions of a movement you can do (endurance), but also about how effortless and flowing you can make the movements look as you perform them.

Pilates and Back Pain
Pilates focuses on the inner abdominals that support the spine and provides tools with we can carry into everyday life, a method of improving posture and moving efficiently that keeps the entire body flexible and toned. Many clients report less back pain.

Post Natal Pilates
As you know, your body goes through a lot of stress and changes during pregnancy and labor. Post Natal Pilates is an excellent method of exercise to help you reconnect with your body, strengthen your pelvic floor and deep abdominals, improve your breathing and postural alignment. You can start Post Natal Pilates 8 weeks after birth but it’s crucial that you check with your healthcare provider before joining this class.

Pilates for Dancers and Athletes
Dancers and athletes are always pushing their bodies to the limit, so they are more prone to suffer injuries. Pilates is excellent for injury prevention as it will not only make you stronger but it will align your body and balance the strength with flexibility. Most professional dance companies and Dance Universities offer Pilates as part of their dance program, the same is currently happening in the sports world.

Pilates and Posture
This is a safe and effective method of exercise that aims to realign the body while working on strengthening and lengthening the weaker muscles. Is recommended and used by physiotherapists during the process of postural and injury rehabilitation.