A private session is the most effective way for you to learn, practice and perfect the Pilates method of exercise. The instructor will start the first session with a postural analysis followed by a customized program to cater to your needs and goals.

The atmosphere is warm and focused - it is just you and the teacher, working together so that your body benefits from the care and attention only a private session can provide.

Whether your goal is using the sessions as the basis for your exercise needs, offsetting the stresses of modern life as they impact on the body, or recovering from an injury, we will help you.


Private Sessions cost £50.00 per hour.
Shared private sessions, cost £25.00 per hour/per person (max. 3 people).
A 24hrs cancellation notice required on all bookings or the full fee will be applied.

Please contact Aretha Marques on
[email protected] or 07863555817 for bookings and availability!